Dan Wolff is the president and founder of TickEase, Inc. The company’s mission is to supply protected and powerful tools for removing and repelling ticks, facilitating tick screening, and educating the public about the avoidance of tick-borne ailments like Lyme ailment.

We experienced the chance to catch up with Dan and examine how he came up with the concept for TickEase and why it’s important.

BeFirst Media Team: How did you get commenced with the entire TickEase notion?

Dan Wolff: I established Mass Deer Support that worked carefully with people of the MetroWest location of Boston. You would not consider it, but these city places have a quite a dilemma with deer — and with deer occur ticks and all of the issues associated with tick-borne illnesses like Lyme Condition. So, which is what we wished to do management the deer inhabitants and in change aid limit exposure to tick-borne diseases. There weren’t really any resources on the market especially for eliminating ticks from men and women or animals. This is why we produced TickEase.

BFMG: What can make TickEase so special?

DW: There are a great deal of old wives’ tales out there about getting rid of ticks

employing a sizzling match, Vaseline, fingernail polish, dish soap and cotton, or numerous small key-like products. But they don’t function as regularly as pointy-tipped tweezers. They are not secure and they’re not successful. TickEase has two finishes and is particularly engineered to be the safest, most hassle-free technique of removing ticks. And it is the only twin-goal removing device that works both on humans and pets.

The slender tweezer-suggestion on one particular end is designed to eliminate even the tiniest nymphal ticks from human beings. The other conclude is a slotted scoop, which is the best way to take away larger or engorged ticks from your puppies and cats and other animals. You merely spot the scoop underneath the tick’s mouth parts and gently pry or elevate upwards. In possibly circumstance, you’ll want to clear the area with cleaning soap and h2o and a disinfectant. Each time you remove a tick, you will also want to help save it for identification. And if you or your animals begin encountering any signs of tick-borne diseases like Lyme illness, you must consult a medical professional or veterinarian immediately.

BFMG: Why is tick avoidance so critical?

DW: Tick-borne diseases like Lyme ailment are the quickest-developing infectious disease concerns in the U.S. and prompt and proper tick elimination is a vital phase in preventing infection. As tick populations proceed to develop and their selection expands, researchers are locating they are transmitting a growing list of illness-creating microbes like Lyme illness, Babesia protoza, Anaplesma, Ehrlichia (and other rickettsia), and encephalitis – leading to viruses and Bartonella microorganisms.

The simple fact is that whilst ticks in many years earlier were previously simply an inconvenience, they have grow to be a widespread provider of debilitating diseases and need to be handled as such. Appropriate avoidance and removal helps fight that.
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