The Best Hiking Experience – Group Hiking or Solo Hiking?

People are seen to be confused in taking a decision between the group hiking and solo hiking. Which one among this can give the maximum enjoyment in hiking? The answer to this question lies with the person who is planning for the hiking. Because the result of each type of hiking depends on the nature of the person. A person who doesn’t like to mingle with others can’t enjoy a group hiking. Similarly, a person who hates loneliness should not consider a solo hiking for him. However, I would rather prefer group hiking than solo hiking. This is because the group hiking has more benefit than the other.

The group hiking has the benefit of increased number of participants and hence the level of enjoyment also. However, a wrong person included in the group can spoil the complete enjoyment of the hiking. This should be considered as an important point while the selection of a group. The level of security also increases with the group hiking as the people in the group can support each other for any issues. I will also recommend group hiking for those people also who are shy and finds difficulty in interacting with others. This will provide them with a chance to interact with people from different age groups and social status. It can even result in the change in his character which will be a positive effect for him. To make the experience better we recommend you to take best hiking boots with you while hiking.

Comparing to the Solo travel where you are the boss, the group hiking requires you to follow the rules of the group. If you are a person who doesn’t like to perform under somebody’s instruction better you avoid group hiking. Solo hiking provides a chance to meet and interact with the new people throughout your hiking. If you are not a regular member of any hiking group, this benefit can even be achieved in group hiking also. After a thorough research on the different types of hiking, I am up to the conclusion that group hiking is preferable than solo hiking.

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