What is Hearing Loss and Why Does it Happen

Hearing loss is often associated with a dull feeling of pressure and unexplained noise in the affected ear. Most people wait a few minutes before these issues subside, but what happens when a person is experiencing these problems for days or even weeks? If you have hearing loss of any type, it is best to see an ear nose throat doctor immediately.

Why Does Hearing Loss Occur?

Hearing loss occurs more frequently under stress. The cause behind this has not yet been completely clarified. It is assumed that these are temporary circulatory disturbances in the inner ear and/or a reactivated virus on the auditory nerve.

A high percentage of hearing loss cases tend to heal spontaneously and the patient’s hearing returns without special treatment. If it doesn’t, an ENT may order Medtronic sophono testing. Treating hearing loss consists of administering glycol-corticoids in the form of infusions or tablets along with antihypertensive drugs. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and stress relief also have a positive effect on the healing process.

When Should People See an ENT?

Experts say a person who is experiencing any of the following issues should see a specialist:


Sudden loss or drop in hearing


Ringing in the ear (tinnitus)

Frequent headaches


Nasal breathing


Difficulties swallowing

Long-lasting cough

Swelling of the lymph nodes

Allergic rhinitis

Is it Useful to Clean Your Ears Every Day?

No. There are ceruminal glands inside the ear, which form ear wax. This greases the auditory canal and prevents it from drying out, which means the auditory canal has a self-cleaning mechanism. Each time a person’s teeth bite down, the temporomandibular joint presses against the auditory canal and, thus, produces a wave motion in the auditory canal.

This extracts excess earwax from the eardrum towards the auditory canal exit. This small action allows the person enough access to remove it with his or her own little finger (without tools, without long fingernails).

If the ears are cleaned every day with cotton swabs, itching and inflammation can occur. In fact, continued swab use could cause a wax buildup in front of the eardrum. For all other issues, the ENT may suggest hearing aids.

Is it Useful to Protect Your Ears From the Cold or From Noise with Cotton?

No. Normal cotton does not protect against noise. Hearing protection plugs, available at any hearing aid technician or in pharmacies, are required. ear nose and throat specialist can cause hearing impairment when above 85 dB.

People who like to stick things in their ears have an increased chance of getting an ear infection. For more information on advanced bionics and other ENT solutions, contact a specialist today.