Furniture Pieces Perfect for Your Entryway

It doesn’t matter if your front door welcomes you with a grand classical entryway of your dreams or you are taken straight to your kitchen in the dark corner or if you have the best home decor singapore is famous for. Your entryway is the very first place that your guests see the moment they step inside your home. This is also the first thing to greet you at night after coming home from work.

For this reason, you need to make sure that your entryway has the right furniture pieces that will make this part of your home as welcoming and inviting as possible. To give you a good idea, here are a few ideas to help you spruce up your entryway or foyer.

Floating Shelf Can Do the Trick
Floating shelves are great spots to drop your keys and stack your mails with no need to use any floor space. Look for one with integrated hooks or install the hooks yourself underneath to use your wall space to the fullest.

Welcome Guests with Statement Lighting Fixture
Large light fixtures can make any room feel and seem taller and larger. A modern chandelier or bold pendant can also make a bright and memorable first impression.

Add a Rug to Define the Space
If your entryway is right of another room’s wall, adding a rug in the area can make it feel like a separate and unified entryway. And while you’re at it, make sure you choose an easy to clean one.

Pick a Small Bench or Chair
Yes, even a small bench is enough of a furniture piece if pressed up against the wall near the door. Since it is a single chair, the main idea here is to carve out a space where your guests can remove their shoes upon entering or when they can put their purses. This requires minimal square footage.

Cover the Walls
Since you want to define the space and emphasize good first impressions, avoid cluttering the area with extraneous stuff. But, you can use ceiling and wall wallpaper with bold colors of chinoiserie or large scale geometric designs. If you are on a tight budget, you can also use a bold color to paint the walls.

Mount Hooks on the Wall
Having wall hooks where your guests can hang your outerwear can make them instantly feel that you designed your entryway with their arrival in mind. Make sure to take time in finding the stud before you mount them because you wouldn’t want these to fall off the wall once the coats pile up.

Choose a Small Console Table
If there is still enough floor space, you can place a petite console chest or table in your entryway. Look for a furniture piece with storage or use the area below to stash bags, shoes, and everything else that might trip you over when running out the door in a rush.

Invite Plant Friends
Finally, make your entryway livelier with some plants. Pick a colorful plant stand or planter to make it more impactful. You can hang them on the wall or just let them sit on the floor.