How to Get Traffic for your Ecommerce Site

When you run an ecommerce store selling gag gifts, fashion clothes, accessories, food, or something else, you must regard it as a business and not just a hobby that you do in your free time. Only then will you be able to reap the full benefits and profits of your store. All right then, let’s get straight down to business! But, first, how do you get your ecommerce store noticed by your potential customers? Well, there’s where traffic comes in. Here are some tips you can immediately start doing to get traffic to your site.

Start A Blog or Website
To start a blog, register a free blog account at either WordPress or Blogger. If you already have a website, incorporate your blog to your website. If you do not own a website but would like to start one, register a domain and get a web hosting account from some suitable service providers such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, and more. Next, start posting new, original and value-added content or write up a product review on your blog with links pointing to your ecommerce site and/or product pages.

Create Social Media Accounts
Next go to social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Register an account for each respective social media website. Then start creating content on these social media accounts with links to your blog posts and ecommerce site. Don’t forget to also ask followers of your social media sites to view and bookmark your website and blog posts.

Look for Blogs Related to your Niche
Search and go to other blogs related to your ecommerce site’s niche and themes. Look and read through their blog posts and post comments where necessary. Type in your ecommerce website and blog URL if there is a section for you to do so.

Get Traffic By Article Marketing
Write a five hundred or more word article on your ecommerce site’s related themes with links to your site. For example if you are selling gag gifts on your ecommerce site, you can write articles on funny gifts for loved ones, types of corporate gifts, gifts to tickle your funny bone, or much more. 786.Gifts blog is an example of such an ecommerce site that writes articles related to the theme of gag gifts.

However, if you really do not know what to write about, then go to blogs that are related to the theme of your site. Peruse through their articles for ideas, or rewrite the articles there in your own words. Please note that the keyword here is to rewrite, not copy wholesale, so do ensure that the articles are not lifted directly from the blogs or you may face legal trouble from the blog owners.

Once you have your original articles ready, write up your own author resource box or bio box that tells readers about yourself. Do not forget to include the link to your website in your article bio box.

Post your article on your blog and website first. Then go to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social media sites and ping the article that is posted on your blog and website. Wait about a week and then submit your article to article directories such as EzineArticles and ArticlesBase.