Red Flags of a Bad Catering Company

Catering is among the most crucial aspects of private parties, events, or occasions, from birthday parties, to wedding celebrations, and even corporate events. But, not all catering singapore companies are made equal and there are a few red flags to let you know that you should avoid a certain provider at all cost.

Long Response Time
A reliable catering service company will never take too long to respond to inquiries and questions of potential clients. Even though they might not give you a custom quote immediately, they should still at least acknowledge the inquiry you made and inform you when to expect to get the information you need.

Lack of Experience with Your Event
Catering companies that only handle corporate events and trade fairs might not be able to pull off when providing their services during a wedding celebration. The easiest way to save yourself from the hassle is to try to narrow down your options to companies known to have enough experience handling the specific event you have in mind as well as those companies with positive reviews from previous clients.

Not Offering Tasting Sessions
Caterers who have full confidence in the quality of their offers will be more than happy to invite you over for a tasting session before you commit to an agreement. If there is no tasting offered, don’t hesitate to ask for it. if the catering Singapore refuses, remove them from your list and consider other options.

No Transparency on Staff Members
The chef is no doubt the most important person in any catering company. A potential service provider must be transparent and open enough as far as the credentials and work experiences of their chefs are concerned. They should also be able to discuss their recruitment process and how they hire employees. Food servers also play a big role when it comes to your event and whether it will be a success or not. This is why your chosen catering company must be able to discuss these things with you to give you the peace of mind you need.

Lack of Flexibility
Although many caterers often prepare standard options for their menu, the good ones make sure to acknowledge and consider special needs and requirements of some guests. Your chosen catering Singapore must be able to give alternative menus for guests with strict dietary restrictions or those with allergies. Refusing to cater to these special requirements is a telltale sign that you should avoid the service and look elsewhere.

No References
You should only hire a caterer after you checked references of other clients. Many service providers present a list of their personally chosen clients to give you an idea of what they can do. But, you might still want to dig deeper. It is also not a good sign if a caterer doesn’t have any web references at all.

Be sure to use these early warning signs so you can rule out any unacceptable choice. Use the list to find the best provider of catering Singapore for your upcoming event.