Simple Team Building Exercise

In an organization, it is important to build a good relationship within its team members. A good relationship is essential, especially if you are achieving a single goal. In a corporate setting, this good relationship can reflect with your performance results. A team that has a healthy working relationship can give a positive result as they are helping each other in working.

This is the reason that it is important for a team to have a virtual team building event or a physical one occasionally. These activities will help in building a good rapport between the team members. This will also help members to warm up towards their colleagues outside office setting. Usually, these team building activities are set of activities that has an aim and will be done by a couple of team members. You can do it during lunch break, like an ice breaker. Or usually, it is done outside the office so that the team members are more relaxed and casual.

Different exercise can be used to be able to facilitate a team building event. A simple board game can be one of the activities that you can do. But usually, a more physical activity is done in a team building event. Below is a suggestion for an exercise that you can do.

Listening exercise:

Warning: This activity can be loud.

Aim: To identify your teammate’s voice for instructions.

  1. Form 2 groups with 5 to 6 members.
  2. Decide which group wants to go first.
  3. The team who will go first have to choose their representative.
  4. Representative will stand in the middle of the room, blindfolded. This representative will go around the room to look for an item.
  5. Facilitator will put the item in any place of the room. The representative of the team should be able to get the item by just listening to the instructions of his/her teammates.
  6. All the members of the team from both groups will be dispersed around the room. The other team will distract the representative from getting the item. Members from the other team can only create noise and not go near the representative to distract them.
  7. The goal is for the representative to get the item in shortest possible time.

As mentioned above, this exercise is a suggestion. At the end of the activity, the team members should be able to reflect on the strategy that they did during that exercise. How they were able to instruct their representative despite of having a loud noise distraction around them. The representative should also be able to reflect and share how was he/she was able to listen to his/her teammates despite of having a noise in the background.

To conclude, it is good to have this exercise. Workmates should not have to be just your workmates. You can socialize with them. These team building exercise is a good way to start building a good relationship with the workmates. Strengthening these relationships is needed to achieve one’s goal.