What Makes a Corporate Gift Good?

A corporate gift is good when it fulfills its purpose. You can give pretty expensive corporate gifts Singapore has to offer, but if they don’t do what you intended for them in the first place, then such corporate gifts are not considered good. Some people might think that the better a corporate gift looks, or the more expensive it is, it definitely has to be the best. However, this is far from the truth, and you could be wasting money if you think like this. Instead, the best corporate gift is the one that serves its purpose well. For example, a corporate gift you might want to give to an employee might not work the same for a business partner and vice-versa.

The Price of a Corporate Gift
The price of a corporate gift defines the importance of the person you’re going to give it to. A small time customer may not get a corporate gift that is as expensive as high end customers who buy great quantities, and have been important to the progress of the company. Choosing the right price range according to how important the receiver is and your budget, will help you choose a corporate gift more easily.

The Quality of a Corporate Gift
The quality of a corporate gift may have something to do with its price, but must also be considered on its own merits. Do not get corporate gifts that are of bad quality just because they’re cheaper. Even if you save some money doing so, some people will see you as somebody who doesn’t care. In addition, they will also view you as someone who only presents corporate gifts because you have to, and not because you want to. Get decent quality products and your image won’t suffer. Of course, when it involves the higher management or high end customers, then getting products of the highest quality might be a must, as it shows you really appreciate them.

The Originality of a Corporate Gift
When every company is giving the same old calendar with the logos and the same agendas, it becomes boring to receive them. Are you giving the same old corporate gifts or are you giving something original and interesting? If you want to impress people, then giving something original will make you look unique. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should throw your budget out of the window to get originality. There are economical corporate gifts that are original and will do their job impressing people. You also can customize the gift for the person you will give it to. It shows you really care about the person on top of showing great originality.

The Utility of a Corporate Gift
A person might value what you have given them according to how useful it is. You can give them something pretty good-looking and interesting but if it’s a glorified paperweight, it won’t have as much impact. Giving something useful that people can use a lot means you care about them and know what they need. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to give a multi-tool as a corporate gift, rather that you give them something they can use and enjoy any day. A Rubik cube or a memo pad can be good examples.